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Nowadays we are all aware that there is a climate emergency, but sometimes it’s hard to get your head around the scope of the issue. If you care about the planet and you’d like to try, this climate change course is for you! This short climate awareness course can help you understand the main factors driving climate change. It aims to give you foundational knowledge so you can make informed decisions about your lifestyle. Learners will engage in this short 2-hour session on the carbon footprint of food within their international cooking course which is essential to raise awareness about sustainable food choices. To captivate their interest, the session will emphasise the global impact of food production and consumption. Highlighting the environmental consequences of food choices, such as transportation emissions, deforestation, and resource depletion, will make the topic relevant and urgent. Use eye-catching visuals and relatable examples to illustrate the carbon footprint of popular international dishes. Incorporating interactive activities like carbon footprint calculators and sustainable cooking demonstrations will make the session interactive and memorable, inspiring learners to make eco-conscious decisions in their culinary endeavours.

Course description

Embarking on a culinary journey around the world is not just about savouring the flavours of diverse cuisines; it's also an opportunity to explore the fascinating carbon footprints of the foods that grace our plates. At our International Cooking Educational Course, we invite you to join us on a discovery of tasting new foods intertwined with sustainability.

Each dish we create is a story of history, culture, and environment, brought to life through the subtle range of ingredients. Our course is not just about culinary techniques but also delves deep into the ecological footprint of your favourite global dishes. From the rainforests of South America to the spice markets of India, you'll uncover the environmental impact of sourcing coffee, spices, and exotic fruits, and how transportation affects their carbon footprint.

We'll discuss sustainable sourcing, the importance of seasonality, and the eco-conscious choices that can be made to reduce the carbon footprint of international cuisine. You'll be captivated by the tales of farmers and the far-off places from which your ingredients hail.

This course transcends borders and plates, fostering a global understanding of how food choices resonate far beyond our kitchens. Join us to ignite your culinary passion and become a conscious global gastronomist while unravelling the delicious secrets of international cuisine

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