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Climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution…the list seems endless. It can be difficult to keep up with news about the environment, nonetheless understand what is occurring. This interactive, discussion-based course is for anyone looking to understand more about the environment and sustainability. This course will cover issues such as population size, biodiversity, fossil fuels, climate change, pollution, and land use, both within the United Kingdom and abroad. Topics will be covered in the context of sustainability, to find solutions to environmental issues that can benefit society and our economy.

Course description

What is going on with the environment these days? News about floods, heatwaves, and pollution fill our headlines, but what is actually causing these changes we see in the natural world?

In this interactive course with tutor Audrey Reid we will discuss some of the largest environmental issues of today. We will work through questions and answers such as “are there too many people?” and “what actually is pollution?”. All of our topics will be discussed in the context of sustainability, and how truly sustainable solutions do not only benefit the environment, but also society and the economy as well.

By the end of this course you will be able to more confidently discuss issues such as climate change and extinction with your family and friends. You will be able to better understand news stories about the environment, and see that while things may initially seem dire, there is hope for a more sustainable, greener future.

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