Course overview

Welcome to the new Understanding Our Democracy course for people learning English at the WEA. We're so happy to have you here! How Our Democracy Works is a 16-hour course for learners with English as a second language who are keen to know more about how UK democracy works. You will learn about voting, elections, political parties and how the government works. Through fun activities and discussions you will improve your English and learn about your rights and responsibilities in the UK. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to know more about how the UK is run and how to be involved politically in their community.

Course description

This course gives a clear and easy introduction to the UK democratic system. We will look at the language related to important topics like why voting is important, how different types of election work and what the various government institutions do.

You will take part in activities like group discussions, role-playing, and watching videos to help you understand our democracy. These activities will also help you practise reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English.

We will look at how the UK government is structured, what the Prime Minister and Parliament do, and the role of local government. You will also learn how to take part in democracy, from registering to vote to understanding how government decisions affect your life and the lives of others.

Just like other courses at the WEA, the class size will be small and you will have the support of your fellow learners and a friendly tutor to help you with various tasks and activities.

By the end of the course, you will know more about your rights and responsibilities in the UK democracy. You will also feel more confident about being an active member of UK society and how to make our society fairer for everyone.

After this course, you can go on to apply for a place on one of our English language courses at a level that's right for you.

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