Course overview

The "Entry Level 3 English Speaking and Listening" program is designed to enhance your communication skills while familiarising you with basic computer usage and online learning platforms. This course covers essential computer skills, using the Canvas platform for learning, and improving your English speaking and listening abilities. Through interactive lessons and practical exercises, you'll gain confidence in using technology and communicating effectively in English in order to gain an Entry Level 3 English Speaking and Listening qualification.

Course description

"The ""Entry Level 3 English Speaking and Listening"" program is tailored to help you develop essential communication skills in English while also introducing you to fundamental computer usage and online learning tools. The course is divided into three main components:

1. Understanding Your Computer: This module covers the basics of using a computer, including turning it on and off, navigating the desktop, using a mouse and keyboard, and understanding basic software applications. You'll gain confidence in handling a computer, an essential skill for modern learning and communication.

2. Using Canvas to Learn: In this section, you'll learn how to use Canvas, a widely-used online learning platform. You'll be guided through logging in, navigating the interface, accessing course materials, submitting assignments, and participating in discussions. This will enable you to take full advantage of online learning resources and enhance your digital literacy.

3. Entry Level 3 English Speaking and Listening: This core module focuses on improving your speaking and listening skills in English. Through interactive activities, role-playing, and practical exercises, you'll practice everyday conversations, improve pronunciation, and enhance your ability to understand spoken English. This will build your confidence in communicating effectively in various settings.

By the end of the program, you will have developed a solid foundation in using a computer, navigating online learning platforms, and communicating proficiently in English, setting you up for success in further education and everyday life."

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