Course overview

This is an English course for adults. You will develop basic English language skills. Before you can enrol on this course, you’ll do a skills check. This is for us to make sure you get on the right course for your level. Please note that you’ll need an internet connection to study this English course for beginners. This is so you can access our digital learning platform, Canvas. We use Canvas for homework, and also for tasks and activities in the classroom. You will need to use your phone in class to work on Canvas, and you should also bring a notebook and pen or pencil.

Course description

This programme will begin with preparation to learn at the WEA. On this short course you will learn about our digital learning platform, Canvas, and how it is used in the classroom and for homework. You will also learn about what is expected of you as a learner at the WEA, and what you can expect from us.

Following that, you will practise and improve your conversation skills in English for Speakers of Other Languages. You will take part in discussions, increase your vocabulary, correct grammar mistakes and learn phrases you can use to organise your speaking. This course will help you to improve all aspects of your English, including listening, reading and writing, although the focus will be on speaking.

Next you will learn about the topic of jobs and employability. Through a range of activities, you will build your confidence in preparation for applying for jobs. You will learn about vocabulary used to describe jobs and work and practise the language of job applications and interviews. You will improve your overall English and develop employability skills.

When you enrol on this programme, you will be able to attend all three of these courses.

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