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Welcome to the English Literature course designed for Level 1 ESOL learners! In this course, you will delve into simplified versions of celebrated stories and poems from English literature. Through interactive discussions, you'll discover key authors, explore intriguing characters, and unravel timeless themes. This journey will not only enhance your understanding of literature but also foster improvement in reading comprehension, verbal expression, and written communication. The classroom environment is designed to be supportive, encouraging active participation and ensuring every learner feels comfortable and engaged. Join us to embark on a fulfilling exploration of literature while advancing your English language skills!

Course description

Welcome to the English Literature course designed for Level 1 ESOL learners! This course introduces you to famous stories and poems in simplified English versions, making them accessible and enjoyable. Through engaging discussions, you will explore the backgrounds of renowned authors, delve into the lives of intriguing characters, and uncover the universal themes that resonate across cultures and time periods. Throughout the course, you will improve your reading skills as you follow the narratives and analyse their meanings. Speaking activities will enhance your ability to discuss literary concepts and share your interpretations with others. Writing exercises will encourage you to express your thoughts and feelings about the texts you study. Our classroom environment is supportive and inclusive, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable participating and learning at their own pace. By the end of the course, you will not only have gained a deeper appreciation for literature but also developed greater confidence in using English for reading, speaking, and writing. Join us on this enriching journey through English literature, where you can broaden your horizons and strengthen your language skills in a welcoming and engaging atmosphere.

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