Course overview

Mindfulness Mandalas - offers a unique blend of artistic expression and mathematical discovery. Participants explore mandala design, discovering symmetry, geometric shapes, and spatial reasoning while creating beautiful patterns. The course provides a serene environment for mindfulness practice, fostering relaxation and focus. By infusing mathematics into mandala crafting, students develop mathematical fluency and problem-solving skills. Join us for a transformative journey of creativity and mathematical exploration.

Course description

This is an enriching and immersive course that invites participants into the mesmerizing world of mandala creation while intertwining mathematical exploration. In this course, students embark on a journey where the therapeutic art of crafting mandalas intertwines seamlessly with the analytical lens of mathematics.

Through engaging hands-on activities and guided instruction, participants delve into the intricacies of mandala design, discovering the profound connection between artistic expression and mathematical principles. By exploring concepts such as symmetry, geometric shapes, and spatial reasoning, students gain a deeper understanding of the mathematical foundations inherent in mandala patterns.

Moreover, "Mindfulness Mandalas" offers a sanctuary for cultivating mindfulness and inner calm amidst the creative process. Participants learn to embrace the present moment, fostering relaxation, focus, and a heightened sense of self-awareness.

By infusing mathematical exploration into the art of mandala crafting, this course not only nurtures creativity but also cultivates mathematical fluency and problem-solving skills. Participants develop a newfound appreciation for the beauty of mathematics as they witness its manifestation in the intricate symmetries and harmonious proportions of their mandala creations.

Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery and mathematical exploration as we delve into the captivating world of Mindfulness Mandalas.

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