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This creative hand clay course allows you to explore your art and craft skills to find ceramic practices that you enjoy. Whether you like drawing, painting, origami, ceramics or craft-making, art courses can help you find a relaxing hobby. This creative hand building clay course is ideal if you want to feel calm while developing your creativity skills up to an intermediate level. You can learn the skills and techniques needed to produce your own clay pieces, and explore the tools and materials required and take inspiration from other creators, all whilst being guided by an experienced WEA tutor. Your artwork will be uploaded to Canvas (our digital learning platform) as evidence of learning and you get to keep everything you make. You will work in a group which will give you the opportunity to meet and interact with others in a creative setting and in a relaxed way.

Course description

Back by popular demand our Hand-Built Ceramics for Beginners course is designed for you to learn the three ‘age old’ techniques of clay hand-building to make functional and decorative pottery pieces. You will learn pinch pot making as well as how to use the coil building and slab building techniques. You will also learn how to decorate and glaze your pottery using a range of coloured slips: allowing you to play with colour, pattern and to develop your painting skills. All within a friendly and welcoming Pottery studio setting. By the end of the course you should have several different pottery pieces that will be yours to keep. This course is a wonderful way to meet others, explore your creative side and build confidence at the same time. You will be with like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere and your tutor will ensure you are guided all the way through the course. So if you are a complete beginner and wish to try pottery for the first time or a student who has completed our previous beginner’s course and would like to practice your previously learned Pottery skills, this course is for you.

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