Course overview

Relax and unwind while developing creative skills. Use art for relaxation whilst you learn printmaking skills using the lino cut technique. Build your creative confidence. Learn to experiment without the fear of failure or the need for perfection. Enjoy the creative process and begin to discover your own style and creative preferences. Only open to learners from St Margaret's Centre, Durham.

Course description

This programme aims to give you practical art skills, a mindful approach to creativity and a boost to your self-confidence. Exploring new art skills can help you to find practices that soothe you and can become a new relaxing hobby. Explore the basic skills and techniques; learn about the tools and materials required to produce your own pieces of art. Take inspiration from other creators. Find ways to use art for relaxation. Learn to use positive inner speech to help you trust your own judgement in the creative decision-making process. Let go of negative self-talk or a fear of failure that can hold you back from success.

Creative hobbies can have wonderful calming benefits. If you’d like to delve deeper into relaxation you may enjoy progressing to the meditation and mindfulness course.

If you’d like to learn craft skills for employment, you can progress to an accredited Creative Craft Course.

If you would like to pursue further confidence building, there are various study options available such as Assertiveness or Emotional Resilience.

Your tutor can discuss options with you if you’re not sure which course is right for you.

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