Course overview

Indulge your creativity while nurturing your wellbeing by joining us on this Arts and Crafts course designed to provide relaxation, self-expression, and practical skills, whilst exploring your artistic style. Through a series of hands-on sessions, you will explore the therapeutic benefits of crafting while learning to create beautiful pieces from fabric, glass jars, and natural materials. From crafting beads to dabbling with macramé techniques, embellishing vases to repurposing old fabrics into new decorations, this course offers a holistic approach to artistic expression and self-care, as well as helping to foster an interest in crafty recycling and how we can use found, natural materials to create unique artwork.

Course description

In this Arts and Crafts for Wellbeing course, participants will embark on a journey of artistic exploration, focusing on techniques that promote relaxation, mindfulness, and personal expression. Each session will introduce a new craft project, guided by an experienced tutor who is passionate about fostering creativity and mental wellness.

You will discover the joy of transforming fabric scraps into one-of-a-kind beads, exploring different fabric textures, colours, and patterns to express your individual style. You will use your beads to help create a wall hanging, which will utilise macramé techniques and naturally acquired materials to create something unique and develop a deeper understanding of texture, symmetry, and balance in your creations.

We will continue our exploration of repurposing and upcycling by transforming ordinary glass jars into decorative vases or storage jars using various embellishment techniques. Explore painting, decoupage, and other methods to add personality and flair to your upcycled vases. Learn how to repurpose everyday materials while enhancing your home decor and reducing waste. Throughout the course, learners will not only gain practical skills and creative inspiration but also experience the therapeutic benefits of engaging in arts and crafts. From stress relief and improved mood to enhanced focus and self-confidence, this course offers a holistic approach to wellbeing through the transformative power of creativity. Join us and embark on a journey of self-discovery, relaxation, and artistic fulfilment.

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