Course overview

The reasons behind founding an artist community in the UK, from identifying some of their famous residents to the subject matter and art movements they are associated with. This course will cover the art communities in St Ives and Newlyn in England, Kirkcudbright and Cockburnspath in Scotland, Betws-y-Coed in Wales, Northern Ireland Muralist in Belfast and Londonderry, and ending with the Black Art Movement and the growth of online art communities.

Course description

"This course offers a comprehensive investigation into the development and significance of artist communities, both historical and contemporary.

Firstly, students will investigate the reasons for the creation of artist communities, examining factors such as the desire for mutual support, shared resources, collaborative opportunities, and the exchange of ideas. By understanding these motivations, students will gain insight into the communal and social aspects that drive artists to come together.

The course will then explain how artist communities have changed and evolved over time. This will include an exploration of different historical periods, from the traditional artist colonies of the 19th century to the modern, digitally connected groups of today. Students will analyze the impact of technological advances, cultural shifts, and economic factors on the formation and transformation of these communities.

Students will also name and study an artist community from each region of the United Kingdom, providing a diverse geographical perspective. This regional approach will highlight the unique characteristics and contributions of various communities, fostering an appreciation for the UK's rich artistic heritage.

The course will delve into the artworks produced by these artist communities, examining their stylistic features, themes, and societal impact. By understanding the significance of these works, students will appreciate how artist communities have influenced public discourse, cultural trends, and social movements.

Finally, the course will study the growth of online communities on a variety of social media platforms. This will include an analysis of how digital technology has enabled new forms of collaboration and communication among artists, transcending geographical boundaries and fostering global connections. Through this exploration, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic and evolving nature of artist communities.


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