Positives of reading for your wellbeing

Harula Ladd is highlighting just 3 of the many mental benefits that come from reading. Without further ado, take it away Harula...

WEA creative writing tutor Harula Ladd is sharing 3 ways in which reading is good for your wellbeing.

1) STOP!

It’s the chance to pause, stop, escape and take a break from the busyness and give our concentration spans something to stretch them. This reduces stress, as it gives our brains some breathing time.

2) I’m not alone!

When we read something we can relate to, a character we connect with or a situation that we’ve also experienced in some way, we are reminded that we are part of a larger whole. We can feel supported by the fact that here’s proof we’re not the only ones feeling this way, of facing these challenges.

3) I didn’t know that!

Reading can stimulate our curiosity, and also help us to gain a better understanding of people or places outside of our own life experience. Tolerance and compassion are qualities that are fed by reading, and contribute not only to our own wellbeing but to a kinder safer society for all.

Harula Ladd is teaching two courses on creative writing for wellbeing (C3533489) on Tuesdays from 05/04/22 - 10/05/55 and also on Wednesday from 06/04/22 - 11/05/22. For more creative writing classes, check out our courses here.