Online mindfulness workshops

Take some time out of your week to focus on yourself with one of our wellbeing classes. Whether you want to learn how to manage your stress, practice meditation or become a yogi pro, we've got the class to help.

Want to be more mindful? From meditation and aromatherapy to stress management and everyday yoga; here are some of our upcoming mindfulness courses that are sure to leave you feeling calmer and more in touch with yourself. Better yet, they're all online, meaning you can enjoy each class from the comfort of your own home.

Aromatherapy for health and wellbeing (C3533181)

What are the origins of aromatherapy? What are its historical medicinal uses? WEA tutor and qualified aromatherapy tutor Georgia Daniel is taking you on a whistlestop tour through the life of aromatherapy, from its conception to its modern uses today.

Date: 01/04/22

Time: 11am

Price: £5.00

Meditation for health and wellbeing (C3533182)

This class has been set up to help you relax, improve your quality of sleep and reduce your stress levels. Log in and take a break from your day to unwind and meditate at this lunchtime class.

Date: 01/04/22

Time: 1pm

Price: £5.00









Mindful breathing (C3533119)

Melanie Lewis is taking it back to the basics with her mindfulness class, looking at how we can use the breath to guide and focus our meditation time. Find yourself a quiet spot beforehand and prepare for a relaxing 90 minutes. 

Date: 11/04/22

Time: 7pm

Price: £5.00

Mindfulness and stress (C3533120)

Keep your mindfulness goals going on into Spring with this mindfulness class in April. Enjoy a few guided meditations and gain a new appreciation for the effects stress can have on the body.

Date: 19/04/22

Time: 9am

Price: £5.00









Relaxation (C3680147)

AImed at those of you wanting to improve on the mindfulness techniques you've already learned, this online evening course is helping you to physically, mentally and emotionally unwind. Prepare to feel a new level of deep relaxation...

Date: 26/04/22 - 05/07/22

Time: 7:15pm

Price: £32.00

Mindful yoga for stress reduction (C3533265)

Upgrade your yoga skills while also tapping into your inner zen with this meditation and mindfulness class. For £5, you'll get to take a moment - or we should say 90 minutes - to yourself and finish up feeling relaxed and restored.

Date: 27/04/22

Time: 9:30am

Price: £5.00

Stress awareness month: using mindfulness to handle stress (C3533228)

If ever there was a time to try a mindfulness class, it's during stress awareness month... Join your tutor and fellow students at learning three different types of meditation that work to manage your stress and experience a short introductory visualisation.

Date: 28/04/22

Time: 11am

Price: £5.00

Tai Chi and health qigong for beginners (C2347134)

Relieve stress and tension, energise your body and increase your wellbeing with this online tai chi and health qigong class for beginners. You'll learn about the principles and basic postures of tai chi while practising breathing methods and body alignment.

Date: 09/05/22 - 04/07/22

Time: 6:30pm

Price: £43.20

Afternoon yoga for everybody (C2347082)

Perfect for newbies and aficionados alike, these lunchtime yoga workshops are sure to have you feeling refreshed and relaxed from the comfort of your home. During each 60 minute session, you'll carry out a number of invigorating meditation flows.

Date: 09/06/22 - 07/07/22

Time: 1:15pm

Price: £25

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