Ensure lifelong learning is a campaign priority

Now that a General Election has been called, it is the perfect time to let Parliamentary candidates know that Adult Education Works.


Recently, WEA supporters have been writing to their MPs and posting on social media to raise the profile of adult education and all the positive impact it has in our society.

Over the next few weeks, your local Parliamentary candidates will be seeking your vote in time for the General Election on 12 December.

This is the opportunity to tell all candidates regardless of their political party about what adult education means to you and how they should include lifelong learning amongst their campaign priorities.

How can you help?

  • If candidates come to your door or if you see them at local hustings or meetings, ask them what they will do to promote adult education if they are elected.
  • Ask them to add the Adult Education Works pledge card (at the bottom of this page) to their social media and to use the hashtag #AdultEducationWorks.

We would encourage you to:

  • raise the issues with candidates of all parties – we believe this is a cross-party issue
  • please keep to the subject of adult education when referring to the Adult Education Works campaign. Of course you are free to talk to candidates about whatever concerns and interests you at other times but Adult Education Works is a single issue and cross-party campaign. We feel it will be most effective if the messages are kept simple and direct. It is also important that the campaign keeps within the guidelines for charities during Elections.
  • please be positive and constructive. Although there are some worrying trends in funding and participation, the main message is that adult education should be a key part of economic growth and community wellbeing. Adult education changes people’s lives for the better and everyone should have access to it. Candidates are more likely to listen if you are positive and can offer them simple messages they can get behind and support.

If you have enjoyed taking part in adult learning – perhaps even had your life transformed by it – don’t be shy to tell candidates about it. They will hear lots of facts and figures during the course of their campaign but it is the personal stories that they will probably remember most.

You can spread the news about Adult Education Works on your Twitter and Facebook pages by clicking on the sharing links below. You can also download below our social media banners/cover images for you to add to your personal Twitter and Facebook pages, plus pledge cards for you to share on social media too: one is branded with the WEA logo and one is not. (Right click on the image and choose 'save as' to save it to your device).