What is the #AdultEducationWorks campaign?

  • A time for you to raise the profile of adult education with MPs and on social media when future policy and funding decisions are being made
  • Your opportunity to celebrate what adult education means to you and why you think “it works” – share with others the positive benefits it brings to you, your family and your community
  • A call for action – ask the Government to increase funding for adult education and ensure that every individual and community benefits

Why now?

  • We have a new Prime Minister and a new Cabinet. The new Government is considering its priorities for future education policy and spending. Even when Parliament is not sitting, local MPs remain engaged with constituency issues.

How can I take part?

  • Write to your MP and ask them to support adult learning locally and nationally. Encourage them to visit local classes and meet local learners (like yourself). Ask them to raise issues in Parliament about adult education and especially to argue for increased funding. Learn more about how to contact your local MP here.

    We have prepared a template letter and some guidance on contacting your MP, see below.
  • Post the Adult Education Works card on your social media feeds and encourage others (including your MP) to do the same. We want everyone to know that adult education is needed in every community. 
  • Use the Twitter hashtag #adulteducationworks to promote stories and images which show how adult learning has improved your own life. Tell the world one thing that adult education has done for you and let’s build a gallery of positive reasons why everyone should take part.
  • Please let us know if you have taken part in the campaign. If you have written to your MP or if you have posted the Adult Education Works card or Tweeted what adult education means to you, using the #adulteducationworks, then let us know here (and let us know if you’d like to be kept in touch with our campaigns and courses)

The #AdultEducationWorks pledge

Sign our pledge below to let us know you support our call for increased investment in adult education.