WEA is a LEPnet skills stakeholder in England. Across England and Scotland we offer local organisations and authorities:

A positive outcomes and approach: Skills relevant to employment are embedded into all WEA courses.

Track record: The WEA delivered well over 1000 courses specifically designed to improve employability skills in 2015/16.

Flexibility and responsiveness: Because we work in communities rather than out of a college campus, with 2000 tutors and 150 education specialists, we are deeply engaged in local networks. As a national organisation we also work effectively across and within authority and LEP areas.

Targeting the needs of students and employers: 37% of our students live in disadvantaged postcodes and 24% are from minority ethnic groups. Our broad range of provision enables us to develop skills relevant to the needs of employers.

Working with partners to create locally tailored solutions: we have many years of experience of working with community partners and employers. We find out what your needs are and to work with our tutors to meet that need.

Working with volunteers: Our branch and volunteer network mean that WEA has expertise around the development of learning champions and advocates and of mentoring and people skills development. Plus we work in partnership with employers including Lloyds to offer volunteering opportunities.