Health courses can often enable students to become more socially connected while physical activity programmes can significantly improve the fitness and life chances of adults vulnerable to conditions such as diabetes, stroke and coronary heart disease. As a result, the WEA helps reduce demands on medical services and supports people in taking an active part in society.


We run a wide variety of health & wellbeing courses, from dance lessons to work with the NHS for out-patients. Visit our course search to see courses in your area.


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Our impact

Health and wellbeing impact

The Tandrusti Project

The Tandrusti project is a local physical activity and health education programme that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in Dudley.

Nearly 500 learners participate in the project per week and 99% of Tandrusti students report health improvements. The project has also made a significant contribution to enhancing community cohesion in Dudley by increasing contact and understanding between different social, ethnic and faith groups.

Student outcomes survey
Tandrustri Health improvements 99%
Students who feel reduced isolation 75%
Students who feel able to exert influence 89%


Singing for Wellbeing


The WEA led a 12-month research project in partnership with University of Oxford. It was supported by the Rayne Foundation and Skills Funding Agency (SFA). The results are detailed in this film.

As well as individual students’ comments, the film includes the following statistics:

  • 87% of research participants reported improved mental health as a result of taking part in WEA singing courses.
  • 90% reported increased feelings of social inclusion or belonging.
  • 68% reported a desire to attend more adult education classes.
  • 92% reported increased levels of confidence.
  • 60% reported improved physical health.


Active in age

The Beth Johnson Foundation and WEA Community Health Education in Stoke-on-Trent (CHEST) project have been working together successfully for more than six years, helping people in Stoke-on-Trent to develop volunteering skills and maintain good health and mobility as they get older.

An example is the ‘Active in Age’ courses which have grown into a network of gentle exercise leaders, working voluntarily and within their staff roles to offer chair-based exercise sessions. We help to publicise each other’s projects and this partnership demonstrates the benefits of charities working collaboratively, rather than competitively, as communities get more opportunities to participate in different activities and progression routes.

We have also been able to work together with groups to contribute our knowledge and experience to policy development and research, in particular trying to ensure that the importance of prevention and partnership working is recognised in local health priorities