We believe that decent employment is the best way to combat poverty and inequality while encouraging social mobility. Our role is to help the most disadvantaged adults, particularly those who are unemployed, are in low-paid positions or have precarious employment to develop the skills and knowledge to improve their job prospects.


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Sam's story

Sam's employability certificate

More interested in cars than learning, Sam left school with no qualifications and found it difficult to get a job. After realising the difference an education can make, Sam was determined to improve his English and maths and is now well on his way to becoming a car mechanic.

Sam enrolled on the English and Maths course available at the WEA and has worked tirelessly to improve his skills. Being able to read has made a huge difference to Sam’s life as he can now read to his son and is confident that he will be able to help him with his school work as he gets older.

Sam used his new reading skills to train for and achieve his CS Construction Skills Card. Together with his passion for cars, ever improving skills, expanding knowledge and increasing confidence, Sam studied Motor Vehicle Maintenance at his local further education college and has now gained employment.

“Learning to read has changed my life, as it has opened so many doors for me. The skills I have learnt and developed have greatly improved my job prospects and my confidence.”