Building stability with art

Hava's story

A connection life-line

Back to work after 19 years

Writing a new chapter in education

Learning to crawl again 

A friend to all who know her

Now I'm Free

Never too late to learn

Becoming self-employed and helping others

No rush, no pressure

Crafting her role in the community

An invitation to speak

Passing it to the next generation 

Busy as a bee

My passion for work ignited again

When you're determined enough, you can achieve anything

Skills for life

Back from the brink

Growing pride in the community

Humour is a common language

Making their own luck

Spark of inspiration

Listen first, then show

Reawaken your lust for life

Emerging from the shadows

The first step is often the hardest

The tutor next door

Find your comfort zone

Building Strong Inner Confidence 

The power of passion and determination

Helping navigate life’s difficulties 

We learned so much!

You could ask stupid questions and get a smart response

My son was impressed by my new-found knowledge

I landed my perfect job

Keep focused on those dreams!