I landed my perfect job

“I love children and have always wanted to work with them.  I spotted a course on my local Children's Centre Facebook page so I signed up to it the night before it was going Live.  It didn't matter that I didn't live locally to the course, as it was all remotely done online via zoom meetings.  When I started out, I was so nervous, was I going to be able to do it?  And juggle family life and routine?  Would it be too hard?  Will the people laugh at me for not getting answers right? But the WEA is so flexible and fitted in perfectly with my days and everyone was in the same boat, so no one was judging or laughing at incorrect answers. We learned from each other and each other’s life experiences”   

“The tutor was amazing and understanding, squeezed answers out of us but if we didn't know, other students would help and we all support each other.  I completed Level 1 in 2020 and immediately signed up for Level 2 in January 2021, which was longer and involved much more research work, but it was so rewarding and I felt like I was achieving something during every unit that I completed” 

“When I was getting towards the end of the course, I started to look for job roles locally that I was interested in and the perfect role came up in a local school.  The role was working 1:1 with a little girl with Special Educational Needs (SEN).  I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the WEA, the tutors, the great support in class from other students, the encouragement and confidence it has given me is something I never knew I could achieve” 

“I am now working part time in a school, doing a job I have always dreamt of but have never been able to study because of previous jobs, having my children and home life. I did and I am now doing a job I have never done before, but I love it and I'm still learning everyday day” 

If you are questioning whether to do a WEA course, DO IT!

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