The WEA is unique in its approach to choosing what to teach and how we deliver our teaching.


Because we need to reach learners who have often struggled with core subjects such as maths and English and have often left school with no or low qualifications and a lasting knock to their confidence. We also need to reach into communities where lack of fulfilment is the experience of generation after generation in the UK, as well as those integrating into our society from other countries as refugees and asylum seekers who have no or little experience of formal education.

Because we listen to the needs of communities, local employers and unions, who need employees with team-working skills, flexibility and problem solving, or a knowledge of sectors such as health and social care, customer service, for example, as well as those who need advanced technical skills or a knowledge of the sciences.

Because we listen to the interests, passions and skills needs of our learners, when we make our choices as to what we teach, and how we network with our series of community organisations and local employers to facilitate their desired learning outcomes.

So, what does our teaching look like?

Both online and in-person, we believe in keeping group size down, making it easier for our learners to speak up, get to know their group and get actively involved in learning and sharing their own expertise. This also allows our experienced tutors to tailor their approach to the exact needs and interests of their tutor group, both in the tutorials and in the complementary materials provided in our virtual learning centre.

Between the expert tutor and a friendly and integrated tutor group, each learner develops a fantastic learning network and informal support safety-net.