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Today (May 15th) is National Numeracy Day, which is all about recognising the important part numbers play in everyday life, helping people to sharpen their number skills and build their confidence.

Being better with numbers isn’t a special talent, it’s something we can all learn at any stage in our lives.

At the WEA we embed numeracy wherever we can, so whether you are sewing or baking, getting fit or getting online you’ll be improving your maths skills one measurement at a time. But for those of you who like a more focused approach to numbers we offer Maths courses too. 

The initial assessments are days dedicated to quick and informal assessments that make sure you start a course that is just right for you. You can also use the course search box at the bottom of the page to see all courses in your area (we recommend you put your postcode in first).

Helping your child with maths

Supporting your child with Key Stage 1 maths
Supporting your child with Key Stage 2 maths

English, maths and English as a second language: initial assessment 
English, maths and English as a second language: initial assessment 

Made to measure: maxi dresses

Taster: maths and English

South Shields
Improve your confidence in maths and English
Improve your maths and English skills

Do you like number puzzles? You can download a free Sudoku puzzle here.

The WEA is an official champion of National Numeracy Day. Make this National Numeracy Day count for you by taking the National Numeracy Challenge today at (follow the link for more details). 

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