• February 2017

Snugs, songs and tearooms

Here is a recent blog post from Bernie Kennedy (Learning Manager - Merseyside).





Mapping Merseyside with Words - Part Three

Here are 4 poems by 3 students that emerged during the Mapping Merseyside with Words course - Paul Tarpey


Hale Church Yard

To my right a grey weathered stone

A man who went and drowned at sea alone

It tells of a man who left this life

He left three young children and a wife

Further on a large stone polished cross

His life a travesty of pain and loss

A doctor who treated and helped the poor

The people never to see him anymore

And then the writing about a child on stone

Creative Writing from a WEA Student

Here is some creative writing from a student on one of Paul Tarpey's courses:

He is eighteen, a tall, lanky, fair haired lad.  They were men by the time they were that age, back in 1946. School finished, he was now to become a conscript for three years.

Mapping Merseyside With Words

This is a piece from the learner Patricia McKeon on the Mapping Merseyside With Words course. She was asked to write a piece about a chance meeting at a place in Liverpool that no longer existed and this is what she produced. It is about the old ABC cinema that is being used as part of Liverpool Biennial.

Mapping Merseyside with Words - part two

"Here is an article by Janet McCusker. Highly talented writer and regular on WEA creative writing courses, including 'Mapping Merseyside with Words'. It is about Great Homer Street market, then and now." - Paul Tarpey

Then and Now

Psychogeography Course

Psychogeography is basically finding ways to wander round a city or anywhere else that takes you away from your normal patterns or the patterns that we are directed to. In this case I just suggested they spent fifteen minutes walking around the library without looking at books or any library information. This is what John on the course sent me the following day - Paul Tarpey (WEA Tutor)



Hi Paul ,

Thoughts from WEA EU Trip

Bernie Kennedy (Learning Manager in North West Region) kept a blog throughout our recent WEA trip to Brussels/Ypres. His thoughts on the trip can be found on the links to his blog below: