"For me it was life changing. Instead of wishing I had a better life, I am making a better life for myself."
"My WEA course taught me new skills and made me more confident."
"...now I HAVE a job. I give thanks to the tutor for making me realise I can get back out there and make a difference."
"Made me feel like my brain was awake again after retiring."
"Without my WEA friends my disability would have had a greater impact on my life."
"I'm enjoying that my life is progressing for the first time."
"My tutor is exceptional and I have been given all the help I need from the Branch organiser."
"I am in such a better state in all areas of my life. I do voluntary work, I see a future where before I did not."
"The tutor is really helpful and easy to talk to and answers any questions that I need to know."

"I am now
much more confident in maths."

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Low pay in employment
Better paid and educated workers are better for the economy and inequality comes...

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