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What our students say about WEA courses

WEA adult education courses are run for every community. To seach for a course or find out how we can support you learn, please visit our course pages.

Our courses can be for people who enjoy education for the pleasure of learning, for the social aspects of coming together with a group of people and an experienced tutor, for job or career development and generally for personal and social development.

However, our charitable mission is to see that adults who are facing social disadvantage, can particularly benefit from education. This means that WEA students and learners are a diverse group, with differing reasons and motivations for coming on a course.  If you would like to let us know your experiences of coming on a WEA course, we will be pleased to hear from you.

The quotes below show a selection of comments passed on by our students.


WEA student, Josie, from the Green Square Academy - a project with the Green Square Housing Association across Chippenham, Swindon and Oxford, talking about her experience of learning with the WEA.

"I myself started on one of the WEA courses and now I HAVE a job, and I give thanks to the tutor for making me realise I can get back out there and make a difference. I am a learning champion now and it’s such a great job, my role is to help people go on the courses, and give them the same chance I got so Thank you Adult Education.”

Comment submitted to the WEA’s website for a government adult education consultation.

"It had enabled me to get out and make new friends. To feel less isolated and has given me something to look forward to each week and something to work towards. The standard of my tutor is exceptional and I have been given all the help I needed from the branch organiser.”

A quote from our Learner Surveys

"Our tutor was particularly well prepared with helpful handouts, slides and wonderful maps and lots of them! Brilliant. A very well paced course – easy to take notes and excellent material, carefully planned for each week. All handouts were fascinating and relevant”.

Comments from a learner on a ‘Hunting for Hertfordshire Parks’ course.

“Made very good friends with fellow learners. I feel like I am using my time as a stay at home mum in a positive way, this has given me confidence to aim higher.”

A quote from our Learner Surveys

“Who would have ever thought learning could be so much fun. Not me. Not at thirty-three. But with the tutor's help, I went back to school. I've passed my exams. I can help my kids get a good job. I can look back and say, 'I did that, I am worth something - and that's a fact.”

Student on a community engagement course in Darfield

"The course has made me realise that I can still do things, study, produce work and focus on tasks. It has given me a confidence boost...I have really enjoyed the school placement and … I feel much more prepared and informed. My ability to produce work and complete tasks has reminded me of the skills I have and this has helped me to build a little confidence in me as me, not as a Mum or wife.  I would like to go on and study further if I can...Ideally I would like to secure employment as a Teaching Assistant."

Portfolio comments from a learner on a WEA Helping in Schools course.

“It helped me recover from a debilitating time by supporting me in a safe, friendly environment.”

A quote from our Learner Surveys

“Taught me extra skills to cope and manage my hearing loss, and have the courage to speak out.”

A quote from our Learner Surveys

“Made me feel that my brain was awake again after retiring.”

A quote from our Learner Surveys

“My day job kept my hands busy but my brain was in need of activity! A friend had been encouraging me to develop my writing for a while so the WEA Creative Writing course about to start almost on my doorstep, seemed providential. The group was welcoming and comfortable and the members as diverse in style of writing as in age and background. A triumph is for sharing and so when I sold my first short story after only a few weeks, I had the whole group to thank for their support. I have found new possibilities and challenges and a broader horizon. I would never have done this on my own”.

Feedback from a Sheffield student on her Creative Writing course.

"I can hardly work a mobile phone I never ever thought I’d be able to work a computer. I thought that was way out my league, didn’t think I was clever enough to work a computer.”

Student comment after a Literacy and Numeracy class

“For me it was life changing. My lack of drive and focus had turned around completely and now I feel so positive about my life. Instead of accepting my fate of being a robotic single parent. I have an amazing amount of ambition and determination to succeed. Instead of wishing I had a better life, I am making a better life for myself.”

A student’s feedback on a ‘Making the Most of your Children course’.

"I can now communicate via the internet which I couldn't do before it's opened a whole new world to me.”

A quote from our Learner Surveys

“It has helped me understand how my children are being taught maths and I am therefore able to assist them.”

A quote from our Learner Surveys

“The amount of information and confidence I gained to help me in my role as a volunteer and also a Parent Governor.”

A quote from our Learner Surveys

“When I became a widow and was out on my own with MS (multiple sclerosis) I never went out. This course has changed my life. I have learnt to use IT and the whole group emails each other to communicate. Now I can do my shopping online, talk to all my friends, meet with people online. We are putting a newsletter together as a group and getting that into the community so they know about us. I can’t believe I have these skills now.”

A participant on a WEA Yorkshire and Humber community course.

“Before I started learning with the WEA I had tried different courses with other organisations and never thought I’d really achieved anything... I’m now living in my own flat which is very nice and I’m still taking part in WEA courses and will continue to because I’m enjoying that my life is progressing for the first time.”

A WEA student and member of Endurance UK; a Chester-based organisation for people recovering from alcohol and substance abuse.

I first became interested in the WEA through a friend and enrolled on a Digital Embroidery, IT and Sewing. I was helped to apply for a loan from the Prince's Trust. I used the load to open my open clothing boutique. Due to its success I won the awars for Asian Business of the Year in Rochdale. A big thanks to the WEA for giving me the confidence to start my own business.”

Comments from a student on the WEA's Women's Training Initiative in Rochdale.

“I’ve learned how to register to vote and get involved in political life. I’d recommend this type of activity to my family and friends.”

A student comment after completing a Disseminating Democracy course Yorkshire and Humber.